Collection Management

In addition to our detailing services, Diamond Car Care also offers a complete automobile collection management service. This is a comprehensive, maintenance program designed to make automobile collecting enjoyable, easy and profitable.

In dealing with collector cars for the past 20 years, we have discovered that automobile collections have certain unique requirements that are sometimes not met by the owners who are not informed of the importance of collection maintenance. Some of the most important aspects of this include:

1. Many of our clients are too busy, or have so many automobiles, that they cannot drive them regularly. All cars, whether they be modern Ferraris, or vintage Packards, need to be driven, or at least started, regularly. Exercising your collector car helps to keep fluids, seals, and the mechanical systems healthy, safe, and in working order.
2. Vehicles in storage require periodic inspection and maintenance of all mechanical, electrical, and fluid systems so that an owner, can jump in a car and safely drive away without worry.
3. Again, because some people are so busy or have so many cars, the preservation, appearance, and care requirements of the paint, chrome, leather, carpets and fabrics cannot be fully met.

For over 20 years, Diamond Car Care has cared for some of the best collections in California and Nevada. Over the years, we have worked with some of the best mechanics and restorers in the world. We have taken what we have learned from these craftsmen and applied this expertise purely for collection management and collector car preservation.

Because every collection varies from quantity, quality, type of cars and especially the client’s needs there is no single program that works for all situations. We create a custom service protocol based on the needs of the individual client. This all begins with an initial meeting and evaluation of the automobiles needs. If desired, reports can be created on the status of each car. These reports can also include ongoing activity logs.

One of the most important reasons to have a compressive maintenance program for your collection is financial. What makes a car collectable is its ability to appreciate. Many new collectors purchase automobiles without realizing that without regular maintenance, collector cars can depreciate rapidly from the incurrence of repair costs, degradation of construction materials over time, and from environmental exposure.