Other Services

What does “systems” mean?

The dictionary defines systems as: “a combination of related parts organized into a complex whole”.

It’s been over 20 years since we detailed our first car, believe me, in 1988, we never thought we would still be doing this in 2008.   But then were not really just detailing cars, presently, we have a whole range of services to offer.

 We like the interesting and unique challenges of managing large (and small) collections.  We like the excitement of preparing and showing a car at a concours.  We like the interaction with other people as we teach some of our craft.  And we love saving an old, original car. 

When we first acquired our name, the word “systems” didn’t mean much to us, in fact—for a time—we dropped that part of it altogether.  But now no other word better describes who we are as a whole, so now it’s back, so we hope you take some time, and take a look at what else we have to offer both you and your automobile