Tech Sessions Seminars



Consulting, Personal and Group Instruction

Detail a man’s car, and he will have a shiny car for a day, show a man how to detail his car, and he will never have a dirty car again.


We perform “tech session” seminars for different car clubs in the bay area on subjects such as concours preparation and paint polishing—whatever the club is interested in. It’s always fun to share our knowledge and passion with other people, and we really enjoy helping other people exercise their own common passion. Ironically, one thing we discovered after doing a few of these sessions, was an unexpected benefit for us: we learned techniques that we hadn’t thought of that other people had discovered in their own travels. We have learned to never be so arrogant as to assume that knowledge is finite, there is always someone who knows something that you don’t. If your group or club is interested, drop us a line.


Another service we offer, is personalized, one on one instruction. This is a way to offer our services to those people who love doing their own detailing, but lack the knowledge and/or experience to achieve the results they are seeking. Here, the obvious benefit to the client is that not only are you learning to do that which you seek, but we are teaching you on your very own specific car, so that the particular issues unique to your car can be addressed in real time. In fact, we can work on your car together, so both you and your car can benefit. Contact us for pricing.