Don Williams, Blackhawk Collection

I have been using Diamond Car Care Systems to take care of the detailing and polishing on the cars in the collection for years and am extremely happy with their work and their professionalism. Keith and Cullen also come in and prepare the cars we have going on the field at Pebble Beach Concourse De Elegance every year. These automobiles always look spectacular. What Keith and Cullen do to the cars adds quality and presentation to the many automobiles we have at The Auto Collections, as well as the Blackhawk Collection.

I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for high quality automobile detailing.

Don Williams
Blackhawk Collection



Mr. John Boccardo, Palm Springs CA.

I have a small eclectic collection of about 20 cars that I have Diamond Car Care Systems take care of on a regular, ongoing basis. They’ve worked miracles with the appearance of many of them and the transformation is amazing. They also come out and check maintenance items for me like tire pressure, fluids, and lights. in addition to driving the cars to keep them mechanically sound. It’s great to jump in one of my old cars’ and drive away, not worrying about these things. I highly recommend Diamond Car Care Systems.

Mr. John Boccardo
Palm Springs CA.